Does It Really Matter Who Powers The Search On An Internet Connection?

from the psst!--you-can-go-wherever-you-want! dept

Boeing and Yahoo are getting ready to announce that Yahoo will provide the search engine on Boeing’s Connexion service, the in-flight internet access system that’s been getting so much attention lately. While it may be a nice PR move for Yahoo, doesn’t this seem a bit pointless? It’s an internet connection. Users can go wherever they want. If they’re used to using another search engine, they will. If they’re used to using Yahoo, they will. What advantage is there to “providing the search.” The service provides a connection to the entire internet — so there’s nothing extra that needs to be provided.

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Comments on “Does It Really Matter Who Powers The Search On An Internet Connection?”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

It only matters when you remember how internet UNsavvy the average user is.

Most business class people are your regular execs, sales guys and managers and if MY company’s any indication, they don’t know the difference between e-mail, word and the web.

One was so bad, until recently, he couldn’t understand that google was a web page and has to have icons installed he can click on to open another browser so he can start the “search application thingy”…he doesn’t understand the concept of bookmarks either so he has 3-4 dozen icons on this desktop to various sites.

Michael says:

No Subject Given

thecaptain has basically nailed, as did you somewhere in there. It’s partly because a large percentage of users, even today, will use what’s put in front of them. Show them Yahoo!, and they’ll use Yahoo! And it generally for the PR win. A few techies will say “So they have the home page? So what?” The rest of the world will see an ever-expanding Yahoo! empire and will give that much more thought to buying stock.

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