Telus Discovers How The Streisand Effect Works

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Mikester was the first of a few of you who submitted the story about Telus blocking ISP customers from reaching a site supporting the employees in their union battle against the company. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to find out such a site was blocked internally for employees — but to then go and block it for ISP customers as well, is just bizarre. And, of course, all they’ve really done is learned how the Streisand Effect works. Trying to hide something online just gets it that much more attention. Honestly, before this, how many Telus ISP customers cared about that site? How many are now interested in reaching the site? How many people cared about the labor fight before this? How many more people now know about it, and think that Telus seems to be acting like a big bully? At the same time, this should scare customers of Telus, to know that the company feels it’s fine to arbitrarily block websites it doesn’t like, rather than giving full internet access to customers. If Telus doesn’t like the site, let them put up their own site explaining why they disagree. Blocking their customers from accessing the site has just given much more ammo to those that Telus thought it was hiding.

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Comments on “Telus Discovers How The Streisand Effect Works”

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dorpus says:

But does it work?

English language media has not yet picked up on the fact that a large outbreak of SARS-like illness has occurred in Tibet, the Chinese army has cordoned off the area, killed a bunch of rioters, and all internet connections to the region has been shut down. Large numbers of cities in the region are quarantied, and massive armies of tanks and airplanes have been seen going into the region. Any internet messages about the region have been quickly erased.

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