Microsoft Erases Apple Headquarters? Or Is Just A Bit Obsolete?

from the hint-hint? dept

Microsoft, who once saved Apple’s hide with a big investment, apparently would prefer you didn’t know where their not-so-secret headquarters are. With the launch of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, it appears a few people have noticed that Apple’s headquarters are missing from their satellite shots. There’s the missing view at Microsoft and a comparative view at Google where you can see the headquarters in all its glory. Of course, rather than any kind of conspiracy theory about Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer trying to erase Apple from history, it’s likely that the photo is just quite old, before Apple had built the headquarters — which should make you question just what kind of data Microsoft is using for their virtual earth offering. Update: Carlo points out that, indeed, the photo is from before Apple’s HQ existed in that location. In fact, it’s from 1991, which is a bit surprising. Microsoft would probably look even better if they had actually deleted Apple’s HQ, rather than simply using such old satellite imagery.

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Comments on “Microsoft Erases Apple Headquarters? Or Is Just A Bit Obsolete?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Stupid bloggers.

Heh. Not exactly sure how that’s relevant… considering the story suggesting that MS erased Apple HQ is from a professional publication (TheRegister) and the story debunking it is from a blog (Niall Kennedy).

Of course, you shouldn’t necessarily trust anything you read for journalistic integrity without backing it up, but the distinction you’re making here doesn’t really seem to apply. In fact… the opposite does.

thatguy says:


OK so I assume Microsoft and Google can both get their satellite imagery from the same place. I assume this because there are identical images from microsoft that are on google maps and google earth as well as images that differ.

So isn’t it just a little convenient that Microsoft CHOSE to use the 15 year old images in the particular area of Apple Headquarters when they could have used the more recent images as Google did? You can’t convince me that Microsoft didn’t use the old images in that area on purpose. Maybe simply as a slap in the face to Apple if nothing else.

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