Hasn't This Horse Been Dead For A While?

Oh look, another reporter trashing Bluetooth. Not that this is virgin territory, by any means, but a ZDNet reporter has finally used Bluetooth and decided, like so many writers before him, that it should be put out to pasture. Never mind that it’s working as it should, letting him connect his laptop to his mobile phone and then on to the internet, but because he had some trouble getting things set up, it’s worthless. To be fair, he does try to apportion some blame to different parties involved, but gets the mix wrong: Bluetooth, as a technology, is fine. Certainly the implementation of it by device manufacturers and also by PC software vendors needs some serious help, but mobile operators, always looking to make things difficult, deserve more scorn. The writer should be glad he could get online at all, since he was using Verizon, which has a track record of crippling Bluetooth on phones it sells.

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