Spamford Wallace Running Scared Of Spyware Charges?

from the gone-missing dept

Since the news is now spreading that one of the biggest spammers around may have actually reformed (for the time being), it’s interesting to see the latest on one of the first big celebrity spammers, Sanford Wallace. Sanford “Spamford” Wallace, was the original proud and obnoxious spammer. Eventually, he claimed to have reformed, but many people were suspicious. After a few years of doing things like running a nightclub, it seems the lure of sketchy online advertising was too much to resist, and he moved into the spyware business which resulted in charges being filed against him by the FTC. Apparently, that case isn’t going so well for Wallace as his own lawyer is having difficulty reaching Wallace and is requesting to withdraw from the case. Brian McWilliams’ coverage also notes that Wallace has failed to live up to the promises he made to the FTC following the charges. It certainly seems that even “reformed” spammers deserve to be watched carefully.

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