Product Placement… In Commercials?

from the advertising-within-advertising-within-advertising dept

It took a few reads of this NY Times piece to figure out what was going on here, but it certainly sounds like NBC and Mazda have worked out a way to do product placement within commercials. As NBC kicks off its latest ad campaign to get people to watch its fall lineup, the company is making sure that Mazda cars show up in the spots, with Mazda (of course) footing some of the bill. It doesn’t even sound like the product placement extends to the actual shows, but just the commercials for the shows — even to the point where some scenes were refilmed with Mazdas, just for the sake of these commercials. Of course, you have to wonder if that’s going to make anyone care. It would seem like a fairly difficult thing to influence a buying population by doing product placement in advertisements for something else entirely.

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Comments on “Product Placement… In Commercials?”

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alternatives says:

Re: Eeevil white males placing drugs in kids' hand

A bilingual booklet for kids currently being passed out by the government says that eeevil white males are bringing drugs into our country. No doubt, the drug dealers couldn’t possibly be one of us, and there couldn’t possibly be peer pressure from our own kind.

And this somehow ties into the topic how?

nonuser says:

reality TV type ideas

I wonder why we don’t see more reality TV and “backstage” type gimmicks for commercials. Not the Miller “ads by Dick” campaign which was obviously fake, but real stuff where the ad guys and client argue about what kind of spot to produce and talk frankly about the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

That could be a killer.

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