Learn To Appreciate Commercials… Or Else!

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While the TV industry is still struggling to figure out how to deal with the fact that people now skip commercials, it looks like their latest tactic is to try to convince people that they actually do like commercials. Over in Japan, they’re holding TV Commercial Day to celebrate TV commercials. Of course, this comes along with a reminder from broadcasters that they believe skipping commercials is illegal in Japan. They’re a bit behind the times. TV execs in the US tried that a few years ago, before everyone laughed them out of their jobs. Still, it does show how TV execs seem to feel like they’re entitled to force people to watch the crap they put on TV, but never stop to think that maybe if they didn’t have so many annoying and intrusive commercials all the time, people wouldn’t mind so much. The problem has nothing to do with the legality of things — but that TV execs still haven’t realized that there’s competition for the attention of people these days, and a lot of the other choices are much more appealing.

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Comments on “Learn To Appreciate Commercials… Or Else!”

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Bret McDanel (user link) says:

intrusive commercials

If you think they are intrusive now, wait for more studios to do what TBS or whomever it is does. They put the commercial in the bottom of the screen, sometimes 1/3 of the screen *during* the show so you cant skip it. This will become more and more common if the execs feel they arent getting revenue from regular ads.

In all fairness I have only seen one product advertised (UPS) during a show like that, normally its advertisements for other shows on the same station, so they dont waste normal commercial time (thus enabling them to sell more commercials).

Toss The Tube says:

Re: intrusive commercials

TBS has always been annoying. Between the butchering of movies and the constant commercials, they rapidly fell from must-see to never-see.

I gave up on TV almost 3 months ago. Now, I watch maybe, 3hrs a week. Just snippets of local news. Best decision I ever made. Life is too short to be watching TV. Might return in the fall when new shows start — then again — Might not.

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