FAA Says Throttle Back On In-Flight Cellular

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Despite the mounting public interest in using mobile phones onboard commercial aircraft and the changing attitudes of some countries, the FAA says a US ban will stay in place regardless of the outcome of FCC proceedings on the matter. Even as the noise surrounding the issue increases, the FAA stance is but one obstacle that will have to be overcome before in-flight yakking can begin. The financial constraints that have kept US airlines from installing in-flight broadband haven’t changed much, and there’s always the specter of further government regulation, and there are still technology questions: Airbus, for one, says its in-air product won’t support CDMA phones, which would keep the majority of US customers on its planes quiet.

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Comments on “FAA Says Throttle Back On In-Flight Cellular”

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Pete Austin says:

Mobile Phones and Terrorism

I think one problem with mobile ‘phones aboard aircraft is that they can be used to set off bombs. For example the Madrid railway bombs. You wouldn’t want any risk that an incoming call could set off a bomb in the hold of an aircraft.

Meanwhile here’s that dopeus link translated by Google. Needless to say it’s a completely different story than in dopeus’ fantasy world (another reason to ignore them) and I was surprised that Google does such a bad job of producing understandable English. Japanese must be hard!

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