Baidu Hopes To Be The Next Google Stock Clone

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Three years ago, China surprised a lot of people by completely blocking Google for a period of time. Anyone who went to Google was, instead, pushed off to a local Chinese search engine. Many of those ended up at Baidu, a Chinese search engine that used some of that publicity to help build up its own brand. It did so well that, eventually, Google invested in the company, even though it still was pushing its own search engine in the Chinese market. Over the past few weeks there have been rumors that Google was trying to buy Baidu outright, but instead, the company wants to be the next Google stock story and has filed to go public on Nasdaq. Still, for those who wonder what Baidu has that Google lacks, the folks at SiliconBeat have apparently worked it out: Baidu helps people find music to download — something that Google has been forced to block out thanks to strict US copyright laws. So, of course, the next question is whether Baidu will be forced to crack down on such unauthorized downloads once it’s listed on an American market?

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