CBS Discovers The Web, A Few Years Too Late

from the oh,-look-at-this-web-thing! dept

CBS has always seemed a bit behind the times compared to other national news organizations when it came to embracing the internet. While everyone else built up a centralized web presence, for many years, CBS let each of their affiliates run local CBS websites, and there was no real national presence. Meanwhile, Fox and NBC built up strong web presences combined with 24 hour news channels (though, some may question the definition of “news” on any of the 24 hour cable news channels). ABC at one point was looking into buying CNN, but eventually decided they were better off just focusing on their website. Now, more than two years after ABC made that move, CBS has finally woken up and realized that maybe they, too, should create a web-based “24 hour news network.” Of course, given their (lack of) history in this area, it’s going to take a lot of work for them to actually get noticed. They have too much competition from the traditional news networks on the one hand, and growing alternative sources of news on the other.

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