New Wireless Technology Is Great, Say Not-So-Independent Sources

from the disclosure-please dept

With WiMAX hype still at sky-high levels, a small company is trying to turn the cycle over to build some buzz around its new proprietary “xMax” technology, which it says can deliver high speeds at long ranges by using special antennas that listen for signals traveling in the background of frequencies already in use by other networks. Some people are already commenting on how this sounds a lot like UWB, but without being an engineer, it’s a little hard to know if this is probable, or even possible. You’d be forgiven for hoping the fine folks at Reuters, the original source of the story, might seek out some independent sources to offer some insight into the company’s claims. Instead, they quote the technology’s inventor and the executive chairman of the company, while a man presented just as “an electrical engineering professor at Princeton University” actually sits on the company’s board of advisors. None of these three, of course, have a vested interest in pumping up this new technology.

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