Blame Everyone For Security Problems

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The issue of who to blame over computer security woes seems to come up every few months or so — and the finger pointing can get quite fierce. On one side, people like to blame the users who absolutely should know better to download all the random crap they do and install it without a second thought to what it might be doing to their system — and without using any kind of security software. At the same time, user advocates point out that users are just doing what the computers let them do, and the real fault lies with software vendors who create software full of huge security holes. Then, of course, you can blame the security companies and the press for hyping up every thing that hints of maybe being loosely related to a security problem as if it’s the next internet-destroying threat. So, instead of worrying about who is to actually blame, why not just blame everyone and be happy at that?

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Comments on “Blame Everyone For Security Problems”

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Mike says:

Why not

instead of playing the blame game, doesn’t everyone stop the finger pointing and simply realize that it will take everyone working together to fix it. The best planned security can be easily bypassed by poor coding or a clicker happy user. There is on one group, be it in the government or private sector, that has a magic wand.

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