Intel's Itchy Legal Trigger Finger… Inside?

from the where's-the-confusion? dept

Intel, who has been on the receiving end of stupid trademark lawsuits in the past, didn’t seem to learn the lesson. They’ve apparently sent their legal attack dogs after a company named FotoInside, claiming somehow that their trademark covers all uses of “INSIDE.” The point of trademark law, of course, is that it’s to prevent confusion. It seems like Intel would be hard-pressed to prove that anyone thought FotoInside was somehow related to Intel. However, as the article notes, the folks at at FotoInside seem to understand the power of the Streisand Effect and are using the story to make a big publicity splash (while also changing their name). In fact, the story seems so convenient in some ways, that you almost have to wonder if the Intel threat is real.

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Comments on “Intel's Itchy Legal Trigger Finger… Inside?”

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1 Comment
Jeremy Leader says:

Not the first "X Inside" conflict

See this San Francisco Chronicle article from 2002, about an organization teaching Yoga to prisoners, named (you guessed it) “Yoga Inside”. They’re still listed in various yoga directories, but their domain has lapsed; I found Yoga On The Inside, which sounds suspiciously familiar, but has “on the” in small letters between “Yoga” and “Inside” in their name.

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