Fighting The Anti-Spam Fight That The Government Won't Touch

from the someone's-got-to-do-it dept

The way the CAN SPAM Act was structured, individuals could do very little against spammers. Almost all of the power was left to the government, who doesn’t have nearly enough resources to go after spammers. However, ISPs also have some ability to go after spammers, and reading between the lines of this Wired News piece, it sounds like one guy more or less set up his own ISP in order to go after spammers. He also seems good at drumming up publicity, as he’s the guy behind the Bob Vila spam suit and the Kraft Foods spam suit. The most interesting part, of course, is that unlike the actions the government has taken so far, this guy is going after the big name brand advertisers who look the other way when the marketing companies they hire spam for them.

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