More Advertisers Suing Google Over Click Fraud

from the becoming-a-problem dept

A few months ago, we pointed out that some advertisers were suing Google and other search engines for allowing click fraud to go on. It looks like more advertisers are getting fed up as another similar lawsuit has been filed, just against Google this time. Again, though, they hope to turn it into a class action lawsuit. The argument, of course, is that Google isn’t doing enough to stop click fraud because it also profits from any click fraud. Still, the new lawsuit claims that Google could stop click fraud, which seems like a huge stretch. While some of it is stoppable, blocking it out completely would be impossible. They do make one interesting point, saying that Google should open its AdWords log files to independent auditors to determine how much click fraud is happening. It’s an interesting argument — and it might actually be in Google’s best interest to do so, in order to calm worried advertisers. However, no one forced these companies to advertise on Google, and if they dislike the terms of the contract concerning their ability to audit the logfiles, shouldn’t they negotiate with Google or take their business elsewhere?

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