SCO Suddenly Thinks Open Source Is Grand…

from the hey,-wait-a-second... dept

It really wasn’t that long ago that SCO was saying that any GPL-backed software was illegal under a completely bizarre interpretation of copyright law. Yet, suddenly, with basically nothing left in their sham case against IBM and Linux in general, they’re proudly announcing how their latest software includes various open source offerings, including a few with GPL licenses. In explaining this, SCO’s tap dancing spokesperson says: “We don’t necessarily have issues with open source, we just have an issue with open-source technology that includes intellectual property it shouldn’t.” That’s not what they said in court a few years ago, but considering the source, is it really any surprise they’ve changed the story?

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Comments on “SCO Suddenly Thinks Open Source Is Grand…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

That is what they said in court years ago


The suit is against IBM re-using proprietary code they weren’t allowed to re-use. Anyone with 2 brain cells can see the rest is all dumb and/or grandiose posturing by various clueless CEOs — half the time spurred on by people paid indirectly by Big Blue, for god’s sake. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

I’m disappointed that you can’t keep your head about you long enough to resist what a billion vanished dollars are making you think. You’re just like the other clueless sycophants.

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