Hospital Quality Software Needed Some Quality Testing Itself

from the QA,-anyone? dept

The organization that accredits hospitals and makes sure that they’re up to various quality standards has been apparently selling expensive software to hospitals with something of a glitch. While there’s some disagreement about the seriousness of the glitch, it certainly sounds like it could lead to hospitals being out of compliance with a variety of “essential” quality standards. Obviously, software bugs happen — but it still looks especially bad considering that the software itself was supposed to help maintain a certain quality level. You never want to hear about quality problems in quality control software.

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Comments on “Hospital Quality Software Needed Some Quality Testing Itself”

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bob says:

no suprise

Being in QA, I’m not suprised here.
The only thing that gets shorter shrift than QA is tech writing.

QA is thought of something that isn’t really necessary. Dev’s don’t like it because they think they write code that’s good enough and don’t want to be told otherwise. PMs don’t like it because it screws up their precious schedule.

It’s no wonder most QA work is being shunted offshore as less important work that can be done by “those people”. That way, the nice white people can make their money and blame someone else from a far off land when things go wrong.

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