Ok, Your Data Is Exposed. Now, How Do We Fix The Issue?

from the oh-yeah,-the-hard-part... dept

So now that it’s become pretty clear that companies everywhere are leaking all of the private data you didn’t even know they had about you, there are plenty of questions about how can we stop this from happening all of the time? Congress, of course, recognizing a hyped-up topic is trying to act quickly — though it’s unclear that anything they’re working on will really solve the problem. One of the biggest issues is that it’s still not clear who they’re trying to target: the hackers breaking in or the companies leaving the data exposed — or both (especially since it’s not always hackers breaking in). Once again, this looks like a situation where the core issues will be ignored in order to quickly pass legislation that pretends to be a solution — while the real problem just shifts over slightly and continues to happen with much less publicity, until a few years down the road when it gets attention again.

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