PayPal Reveals How It Really Feels About Its Seller Protection Program

from the marketing-speak-and-reality dept

By this point, everyone should know that there’s a world of difference between what marketers say and what reality is, but PayPal has done an excellent (a word we don’t use lightly) job in demonstrating this for everyone. It appears that they posted some copy to their websites concerning their “seller protection program” where they accidentally left in some editing notes. While the marketing copy goes on and on talking about how much more protection PayPal grants than traditional credit cards, the editor balks at the use of the word “excellent” in describing the protections, and points out: “too strong I think given the limited ability to comply with SPP.” So, even though they know, internally, that the protection isn’t really that good, and there’s a “limited ability” to comply with the program, PayPal and eBay have decided they still want to claim that the program really is “excellent.” The company has put out a statement saying they really do mean that the program is excellent… though the job prospects of whoever posted that edit online might not be.

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