Sprint PCS Finally Enables Bluetooth DUN On Treo 650

When Sprint PCS and palmOne announced the Treo 650, we learned that it had crippled Bluetooth such that it could not be used for Dial-Up Networking, or basically you couldn’t connect your laptop to your mobile phone for Internet access. Later on, we heard from Sprint that they planned to enable DUN with a software update. Well, today Sprint has made that software update available via the palmOne site. That’s good news for Sprint Treo users who can now use their laptops through the Sprint Vision 1xRTT network without buying proprietary cables to connect laptop to phone. However, it’s unclear whether this type of laptop traffic will be included in the Sprint Vision “all you can eat” flat rate of $15. A search of the Sprint website today revealed no information on data prices using Bluetooth and a laptop. Meanwhile, on the other side of the major CDMA league, in April Verizon offered a Bluetooth-crippled version of the Treo 650 and there’s no word on any plans to enable DUN on that model. So kudos to Sprint in the end. Blocking handsets, such as the Motorola/iPod, or disabling existing features on hardware is NOT the way to give the customer the best experience.

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