Is There Some Sort Of Contest For The Biggest Security Breach?

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Each week it seems that we’re not only learning about yet another security breach, but each one seems to be noticeably larger than the ones before them. MasterCard waited until late on a Friday afternoon when everyone’s looking to head home for the weekend to let slip the fact that they had a bit of a security breach (just a bit) and may have handed over the data on 40 million credit cards to a hacker, including the card numbers and specific transactions done on those cards. They claim that a hacker got into their system and installed some software to watch for certain types of transactions. And we thought Citigroup losing data on 4 million customers was bad enough. What’s so scary about all of these “sudden” revelations of data leaks is that we all know they’ve been happening for years and years. It’s only new laws and all of this press hype that’s driving companies to reveal so many breaches nowadays (and you can bet that some companies are still hiding them). So, now, will the FTC fine MasterCard for allowing this to happen?

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