University Department Just Learning Email Etiquette

from the email-blast-from-the-past dept

Someone in the financial aid department at the University of Kansas is either new to the concept of email or didn’t get the memo on how to conceal address lists. In what sounds like a mishap from the early days of email, the department wanted to notify 119 students that they could lose their financial aid because they failed all their classes the previous semester. The only problem was that the email notifying them was addressed to all 119 students, so everyone could see each others’ names. The university apologized for the gaffe and said it is taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Teaching university employees how to use the bcc field would be a good start. Even so, the mistake might not be all bad. After all, it was limited just to people who failed all their classes, so they simply discovered who their peers are. It’s like social networking for failures. FlunkedIn, anyone?

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