Spyware Company Transparently Bad Via BitTorrent

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Every time we think spyware/adware company Direct Revenue has reached the pinnacle of perversion, they raise the bar again. You’ll remember these folks as the ones who brought you tons of slimy spyware tactics, all while claiming to be transparent. They eventually got sued for their sneaky installs, as well as for removing another spyware vendor’s software. Their “transparency” campaign then turned out to be just a branding exercise that pissed everyone off. It gets worse. Now it has been discovered that Direct Revenue has been spreading its adware surreptitiously through BitTorrent downloads. An affiliate, MMG, which specializes in P2P distributions, has been bundling Direct Revenue’s adware with multimedia files. Of course, the company claims its software launches with “full disclosure,” which is achieved through a vague licensing agreement. So if there’s so much disclosure and transparency, why does the company have to resort to underhanded BitTorrent bundling to get its software on people’s machines? Interestingly, most adware companies slough off criticism onto their affiliates when caught purveying their unwanted goods. In this case, Direct Revenue actually seems to be praising its affiliate. Maybe that is what they mean by transparency.

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Comments on “Spyware Company Transparently Bad Via BitTorrent”

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thatguy says:

Uh what?

Ok so I don’t really understand how downloading a MEDIA file with bittorrent can make spyware/malware get installed. If people are actually stupid enough to run a daily.show.2005.06.01.EXE then they deserve to get viruses and unwanted programs installed.

You can open up compressed files with winrar and pull out and view what you’re wanting. I don’t understand how this can happen. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Also, why would you use an untrusted bittorrent client that includes spyware with it’s install??? Just google some bittorrent client reviews or freaking use Azureus or Bitcomet for Christ sake. Ignorance is the true problem with bittorrent and all downloads for that matter. There is no need for repetitive overhyped articles like this.

MPAA/RIAA scare tactic?

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