TVs That Look Like Sheep: Chic Or Just Plain Tacky?

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Who knew that people were dying for consumer electronics products that look like something totally different? Last month, we had the story of Vodafone Japan’s decision to offer phones that look like a lump of cheese, and now some company is getting ready to launch TVs in the US that look like a variety of other objects: including a baseball, a cello or a sheep. Honestly, this seems incredibly tacky — but it sounds like the company is targeting higher end buyers in places like San Francisco and Beverly Hills. Granted, TV design can seem somewhat stale (it’s a box, right, what are you going to do with it?), but honestly, isn’t this taking “case mod” culture a bit too far? Of course, with case mods, part of the point is that people usually do it themselves — and everyone admits that it’s somewhat geeky. Buying a pre-built TV that has some wacky contraption around the case just seems… pointless.

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