Amazon Patents E-Commerce Basics… Again

from the keeping-lawyers-employed dept

Patent reform? Who says we need patent reform? After all, we get such lovely new patents as the one pointed out today on Slashdot, that has Amazon patenting a system for e-commerce. It’s not clear that the patent examiner ever actually read the patent, because the title of the patent, the abstract of the patent and the patent claims don’t actually seem to match up at all. The title says it’s about editing information. The abstract says it’s about buying an item online (read it, it’s scary) and the claims seem to be talking about combining various orders into one. Apparently, you can write just about anything you want in these patents, and as long as it sounds technical enough, it will get approved.

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Comments on “Amazon Patents E-Commerce Basics… Again”

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dorpus says:

What if e-commerce becomes more expensive than ret

I just bought a new Gateway PC last night. Contrary to recent articles on techdirt, the retail price at Best Buy was lower than their online price. (The online site didn’t even have my model, and listed less powerful PC’s at a higher price). I even checked, and their price was higher than the in-store price.

But playing war games on my new PC with the 256MB PCI Express graphics card, ohhhhhhh….. didn’t sleep last night. 😉

Marcelo says:

Amazon Patents E-Commerce Basics... Again

This is beggining to sound like that australian folk who maneged to patent the wheel ( According to bbc, the title of his invention was “circular transportation facilitation device”, quite funny…
And how do they (amazon, the australian folk, or any of these patent maniacs) get to enforce their “rights”?

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