Malware Gets Resounding Applause From Gypsy Music Haters

from the happily-infected dept

With all the excessive attention to security warnings and painstaking coverage of every minor virus threat, the assumption is that viruses are always bad. But what happens when a virus is viewed by some computer users as helpful? This is what recently happened in Romania, where users welcomed a virus that deletes gypsy music from hard drives. No doubt it bothered lots of people who wanted to get rid of it, but the virus went over so well with others they rebelled against the anti-virus firm that released an update against the virus. One customer called it a “utilitarian tool” and offered food and drink to the virus writer. He would accept the offer, but he’s probably too busy creating the Celine.D virus and Yanni Don’t Love Bug.

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Comments on “Malware Gets Resounding Applause From Gypsy Music Haters”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Anti-Gypsy sentiment in Romania

You betcha. Gypsies in Europe have received more generous welfare benefits than our blacks, so they are even more violent and lazier. My Hungarian friend tells me that America did a good job making blacks work hard, compared to the gypsies in Europe.

flaimbait bob says:

Re: Re: Re: Anti-Gypsy sentiment in Romania

Whaaa???? Are you saying that only Blacks, Chinese, Irish, Italians, and “more recently” Mexicans built this country?

*You ignorant swine!*

You forgot the contributions of our Native Americans, the many people from Iceland, Cuban refugees, Australians, and many others!!

*You sir are ignorant!*

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