New Wireless App: Celebrity Mugshots

I’ve never gotten into it here on Techdirt, but I’m somewhat anti-celebrity. We humans tend to devote way too much time and energy on stars and their lives. I find awards ceremonies like the Oscars the biggest irony of all, because it takes the most over-celebrated bipeds in the world, and is a gala to…celebrate them more! It’s all the more ironic that the writers who actually create good ideas are feted off-screen before the main event. Anyhow, that’s why I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude with this new wireless application, celebrity mugshots as mobile phone wallpaper, which offer keepsakes of celebrity run-ins with the law. It’s like The Smoking Gun for your phone. Turns out celebs are basically normal people, just a little prettier than average – although the mugshots cast even that advantage in doubt.

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