The Problem With Trading DVDs

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A few months back, when Peerflix first came out, it didn’t make much sense. Why would people want to pay money to trade DVDs with each other? How hard would it be to just create an open, free, community to do the same thing? Now, a Wired News reporter has tested out the system and come across a second major issue: no one wants the crappy movies, and everyone wants the good movies. What that means is that any good movie you have will get taken almost immediately — and then you’re just stuck with a bunch of bad movies, as is everyone else. So, as you look around for movies, most people are just offering stuff that no one really wants, and you can’t build up any “peerbux” needed to borrow more movies if you don’t have people taking your crappy movies at the same time. Of course, you can buy those peerbux, but apparently the system is quite buggy, and buying enough of these peerbux to actually get a movie will cost you $10 or $15. Seems like you’d be much better off just buying the movies directly or signing up with Netflix.

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Comments on “The Problem With Trading DVDs”

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Dr. Don Blake says:


My brother and I always laugh that the movies he and I love always end up in the cut-out bins. Zardoz is a perfect example: debuted at $19.99 and is now under $7 in every Best Buy here in New England. I think you should buy what you love and rent what you haven’t seen, so you don’t get stuck with crap: it really comes down to storage for me. I always rewatch my faves over the course of a year?and if one of the rentals turns out to be something I loved, I’ll buy it eventually. Lately, I’m back to my old B&W Republic John Waynes, just before that I was watching all my old ’70s Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood movies. The tough thing is that Circuit City and Best Buy have some ’60s & ’70s movies so cheap, its almost cheaper to buy so you don’t risk a late rental fee?then, though, if you hate it?its the old STORAGE problem … ah, these are the thoughts I’ll have whirling thru my head as the barbarians approach the gate!

Knight37 (user link) says:

I Stopped Buying DVDs

When Netflix came onto the scene I quit buying DVDs. Now I only buy it if its a movie I KNOW I’m going to rewatch at least 3 or 4 times. For example, I bought the Spiderman movies, I love comic book hero films. Anyway I would never do the DVD trading thing, I take care of my stuff way better than most people do so it would inevitably be a bad trade for me.

Phil (user link) says:

I found one solution for trading dvds that is work

What I did not like about some of the dvd trading web site was it took so long to find a trade that I wanted. It took about 5 weeks before I found a trade and then it took more than 3 more weeks to get the dvds. I found this site called Xact Xchange DVD, ( There is no negotiation on trades. I received 4 free dvds, free first time shipping and no trade fees with my lifetime membership. And I received my dvds 4 days after I signed up. There is no monthly fees and most all dvds are a one for one trade.

There system is really working good for me. To put it in a nut shell, I did not have to wait to trade with anyone. I sent the dvds I wanted to trade to Xact Xchange DVD and four days later I received my dvd credits. I browsed the dvds and got them 4 days later. I paid only .25 cents per dvd trade. That is a lot better than a $1.00 per trade. And the dvds I ordered was the same amount of dvd credits as they gave me for my dvds. One more thing, I sent 10 dvds to trade at one time and ordered 10 dvds. I hated trading them one at a time. It has really works great for me!

Tricia says:

Re: A better alternative that's FREE

No switchdiscs is not free. It cost nothing to join and no monthly but you do pay out of your pocket to ship yours and if you don’t get enough in trade you get nothing for your time.
I traded 3 and still don’t have enough points to trade. All the ones I want are asking ridiculous trade points like 44. And then if you don’t want to pay the 2.00 to ship international you get hounded and talked about behind your back in the forums.

rob (user link) says:

Cheaper and Newer Alternative

Minasnet Entertainment today announced the initiation of its new entertainment trading platform.

This online service,, will offer consumers the chance to trade DVDs for as little as only $4.99 per month or 69 cents per trade via its affordable membership plans.

With the launch of, consumers will now have the choice of extending the life of their DVDs, CDs and video games, saving both money and time. Consequently, mydvdtrader will be about half the price of its competitors and will allow its customers to trade their DVDs, CDs and video games in a easy to use and secured enviroment.

“Once again, will be making the consumer the winner,” said Promotion Director Mike Marrero. “Our customers now will have the choice of extending the life of thier entertainment by trading them with others, rather than allowing their movies or video games to simply either depreciate faster or gather dust, within their entertainment centers.”

Unlike other online competitors, will focus on the niche market for indie and especially latino entertainment rather than the major titles that dominate both the movie or video game industries. Its own in house inventory will feature both A and B movie titles, music CDs and video games which wil bel available for sale or trade. They will also feature via its own podcasting network, great indie music, provided by Promonet which is a new promotional music distribution network from IODA—the Independent Online Distribution Alliance.

In addition, its members, will enjoy not only the experience of buying new DVDs and CDs via its association with but be able to mail out their trades as well, without having to go to the post office via its association as well with

R W (user link) says:

What about Family Friendly Swapping?

It’s true there are a lot of swapping sites. But I’ve only found one that is Filtered and Family Friendly. They don’t boast about it but I think it’s a very good nitch.

My kids can swap cd’s, dvd’s and books for free. It’s a great site and the only one of it’s kind that I know of.

It’s also very easy to use. It’s brand new so there isn’t a lot of items yet but it’s getting there.


rob ocasuio (user link) says:


How about sites featuring adult dvd trading,I found one at,that is actaully free to use,members trade with one another on a equal basis level,meaning you have a copy of XYZ and you can trade in for ABC,No strings attached.The only time you actaully spend any money is on stamps to mail out your trades.
They faciliate envelopes via a easy to print out mailing envelope and just in case you dont want to wait on others,you can always buy points from them for as low as 69 cents per point.For very trade you do,you can earn extra free points as well.
If you ask me,if you like adult entertainment but want to save the embarrasment of going to a video store to get it or want to avoid getting viruses off surfing for porn,try for yourself

deck reyes (user link) says:

Another new service for trading used DVDs

Flickflop is the newest way to trade your used DVD movies. By signing up to flickflop, you can start trading any of your DVD movies and start enjoying more great movies, the easy way!

-You trade against flickflop’s growing inventory of DVD movies.
-Trade immediately, no more waiting if a DVD is available from another member.
-Tons of movies to choose from! Action, drama, comedy and more!
-No membership fees, no commitments
-Reasonable cost, $1.99 per trade including packaging and handling!

Try it out:

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