Contractors Sue For Having To Pay For Their Own Mistakes

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If we’re learning anything about the many many failed government computer upgrade projects, it’s that they’re not limited to the US. The latest international flop comes from Canada, where the government of Ontario just settled with contractors suing over a canceled project attempting to link the entire provincial justice system. Apparently, the contractors — a consortium led by EDS — weren’t happy about spending $200 million of their own money in capital investments before the government pulled the plug. They settled for $63 million and a promise not to talk trash about each other. Of course, the government is at fault for naively buying into these overambitious plans, and it’s unfortunate that taxpayers must foot the bill. That’s why we’re glad the contractors here are sucking up a decent share of the cost — eventually, someone needs to make these companies take responsibility for overselling untenable goals, which the companies charge more to pursue when they inevitably require more work than planned. And maybe as an evenly distributed punishment, both parties should be forced indefinitely to use their clunky new systems (if they reach this point) that take 15 steps to save a document.

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Comments on “Contractors Sue For Having To Pay For Their Own Mistakes”

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me (profile) says:

Wow...miss marx much?

So our(i’m canadian) inept, corrupt(see gomery), 50% tax govt. tries to drag their snivel servants into the 20th century, failing miserably…and it’s the companies fault?!!?!?
Doesn’t the fact that they WON $63 MILLION tell you who’s at fault here..?
That’s ok though…businesses have to learn that dealing with the govt. is a lose-lose situation anyway. Best to leave the beurocrats scratching their heads on how to use their mouse while the rest of us privatize space travel and leave these govt. leeches to die off.

User says:

Contractors at fault?

Their only fault was trusting the canada’s government with too much of their cash. Bret, you must be a very naive individual, why are you contributing to this website? or do you simply have some grudge with contractors in general? if you didn’t succeed being an enterpreneur, it doesn’t mean that every one else who did are evil.

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