Internet To Blame For Facilitating Bomb-Making

from the blast-from-the-past dept

This one sounds ripped from the pages of the mid-90s media. Apparently it’s easy for science neophytes to make nuclear bombs with the help of instructions found on … the internet! As the story goes, a report co-authored by a Russian think tank and Harvard professors discusses this possibility. The line that caught our eye: “Making a nuclear bomb is not a hard task to do, Pravda said.” The only evidence presented for this somewhat casual statement is an experiment conducted by U.S. “specialists” who got two laymen to make a nuke with internet-sourced instructions. Excuse us, but how did they get their hands on the radioactive material? And how easy could it really be? If it’s so easy, it makes you wonder why North Korea has been struggling to do it for decades. Maybe all it takes is the privacy to do it outside the watchful eye of authorities. That, and an underground, undetectable plutonium refining lab. Maybe you can get that on eBay … that blasted internet again!

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Comments on “Internet To Blame For Facilitating Bomb-Making”

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griffon says:

as with most things it depends

It really depends on what type of device you are making… making a dirty bomb type delivery system really is not that hard. Where having a true weapon grade material briefcase nuke is extremely difficult (from a material sourcing and handling perspective… again bombs are not super complex overall). So with out context none of this is really that terrible out of bounds (sadly)

VonSkippy says:

what BS

I’ve heard virgins talk about sex with more accuracy and details then this article.
Name sources, show examples, give details (for the bomb article – not the sex talk) or STFU.
Just what the world needs, more lame ass “experts” crying the sky is falling (oh yeah, the internet is responsible for that as well).
//losing all hope there’s anyone with a brain left.

joe (profile) says:

No Subject Given

Sure, I can build you tha Bomb.

Gimme Nation State level handling, facilitiies, and interest.

Damn, I’ll build you anything actually possibile to build.

For that matter, I can promise to build you an antimatter drive, and relocate. But I digress.

Atomics are not hard, in theory. In theory, I can build a bomb. In practice, I can’t. Which is why monitoring is the order of the day.

Stupid articles like this, well, are stupid. Blah.

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