What We Can Learn From Michelle Delio

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david goldenberg writes “In Gelf Magazine, Carl Bialik discusses the aftermath of the Delio scandal and talks with the reviewers who went back through her stories at both Wired News and Tech Review. Bialik finds several reasons why Delio’s sloppy sourcing was allowed to go on for so long, and writes that there are four conditions that allow fabulists within journalism to work undetected.” This is a followup on earlier stories here about potentially fabricated tech news stories by freelance reporter Michelle Delio. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the most amazing thing to me, as someone who has been quoted a number of times in various publications is that the only time I ever received a phone call from a fact checker to make sure my quotes were accurate was for a piece written for an airline travel magazine. Many more prestigious publications have run quotes from me without any fact checking at all.

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