Video Games Help MLB Pitcher Prepare For Real Games

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The night before a game, Johan Santana (perhaps the best pitcher in the American League right now) kicks back with his PSP and plays a few simulations of the upcoming game. As video games become more and more realistic, they have become more and more useful for training and practice for real world events. Golf games are great for helping golfers visualize courses and the professional poker circuit has already seen one champion who cut their teeth in the virtual world. Granted, you won’t win the Cy Young award by solely practicing on your PSP, but those blessed with the right physical prowess can achieve a mental edge through video game simulations. Granted, I’m not quite sure what Curt Shilling is training by playing Everquest; maybe he visualizes himself as a fireball throwing wizard when he’s on the mound.

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Comments on “Video Games Help MLB Pitcher Prepare For Real Games”

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Permanent4 (profile) says:

Two poker champions

Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, 2004 World Series of Poker champ, also qualified online through PokerStars and won the whole thing. A few online qualifiers have gotten to World Poker Tour final tables as well, and I think the winner of the Caribbean Poker Adventure was an online qualifier from the U.K.

Oh, and Antonio Gates, the All-Pro tight end for the San Diego Chargers, played basketball at Kent State, but not football. He got most of his football knowledge from playing Madden.

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