Publishers Not At All Happy About Google's Book Scanning Project

from the no-surprise-there dept

About the only thing surprising about this article is the amount of time it took for this to come out. It seems that, just as happened when Amazon started publishing its “Search Inside the Book” feature and book publishers and authors freaked out, it appears that publishers are getting nervous about Google’s book scanning plans. One interesting point in the article is that, even though some publishers have asked to be left out of the scan, Google has been scanning those books anyway, apparently believing strongly that a fair use defense will hold up in court. It hasn’t reached the point of a lawsuit yet (and some doubt it will), but it seems that Google feels pretty strongly that it’s in the right with this offering.

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Comments on “Publishers Not At All Happy About Google's Book Scanning Project”

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sploogle says:

getting sick of google

Its funny how everyone paints Microsoft as an evil company and Google as innocent as a new born babe. The reality is that Google is behaving increasingly dismissive and authoritarian towards people rights and wishes with regard to THEIR PROPERTY.

If Microsoft applied the same ethical standards as Google, Windows would be secretly logging every user action with a “Total Information Awareness” database. How happy would people be about that?

dorpus says:

Only in print

I don’t see it anywhere on the net, including the New England Journal of Medicine’s web site. An article in the print version mentions an extremely rare case of a 60-year-old Italian woman who accidentally swallowed a toothpick at a barbecue, which pierced her stomach, and worked itself all the way up to her heart, impaling the right coronary chamber. Surgeons opened up her chest and pulled out the toothpick.

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