Apple Looking At Intel Chips? Is That Pig Sprouting Wings?

from the I'll-believe-it-when-it's-actually-running... dept

Every few years rumors start spreading that Apple is thinking about switching off IBM chips to Intel chips — and every few years, those rumors prove to be groundless. However, once again, the rumors are here, and this time they’re coming not just from idle speculation, but on reports that executives from the two firms are actually meeting over such things. Still, it would be a big shift, and quite a surprise for many in the industry who thought they’d never see it happen. If anything, maybe it’s just a Steve Jobs negotiating ploy to get IBM a little scared.

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Comments on “Apple Looking At Intel Chips? Is That Pig Sprouting Wings?”

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Ivan Sick says:

This might have

been a shock a few weeks ago…now we know the xbox 360’s got a PowerPC chip; These loyalties (Apple/IBM, MS/Intel) I think are merely the result of inertia and co-incidence rather than financio-politically motivated stabs at full market dominance. I know that’s unusual in today’s world but after all they came about in an age when some people could still accept competition.

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