How To Hack Into Government Computer Systems: Pretend You're A Sheriff

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Now that the state of Florida is pushing for a new version of the MATRIX database that linked up all sorts of government databases, it might be worth exploring in more detail exactly how the data used for the original MATRIX was hacked leading LexisNexis to admit that it was leaking data left and right, but certainly wasn’t going to reveal any details to those whose data was taken. It turns out that all you needed to do if you wanted to access this supposedly super-secret LexisNexis database was to create an account in the name of the sheriff’s department in Denton County, Texas, and the police department in Port Orange, Florida. That, apparently, is exactly what the eighteen-year-old now being investigated for the break-in apparently did. Nice to know that LexisNexis has such careful security mechanisms, such as checking to see if someone claiming to be a police department actually is before revealing all sorts of private data. And people wonder why some are a bit upset about the MATRIX database (or its offspring) existing?

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Comments on “How To Hack Into Government Computer Systems: Pretend You're A Sheriff”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: School


anonymous math/hack wiz says:

RSA encryption and how to hack

for all those aspiring hackers out there here is some stuff to get you started:

first, RSA encryption:

depending on the size of the numbers used in the algorithm, there can be more than 10^50 possible “encryption keys” a “key” is like a password that allows you to decode data that has been turned into jargin looking text. for example !*895g could really mean “hello”

obviously, a home computer can’t try 10^50 one at a time, but there is an alternative. first find out the values for the variables pq and e for the data you are trying to decrypt. these parts of the “key” should be public. the hard part is finding ‘d’, the “private exponent” then, pick a somewhat large prime number and try to decrypt and reencrypt the same piece of text with the prime number you chose. then do the same with the next prime number above and bellow the current prime number. once you can encrypt and decrypt a piece of text and always get the same result, you’ve found the key!

smarter than you. says:


you spanners! you absolute screw drivers! (tools for the stupid ones) you cant hack into the government! theyve got like 300 firewalls and anti hack programmes and things like “kill ya system if ya try” programmes i meant come on! i’ pretty sure they have more than one hardrive running the place! i mean if one crashes they have back ups right? right. now stop fuckin round and get smart! i mean come on! you cantr hack into the government.
get it? got it? good

Had a dog once says:

A assesment

OK, u guys can Talk the talk but can u walk the walk?
try hacking into the QUEENSLAND EDUCATION goverment database (for all u dumb shits out there Queensland is a state in Australia).
And then hack into the Charters Towers State High School Network and tell me the name of the user of the account of Bpatt27.
Not so smart now r u?
Fuck Heads

like ill realy tell u says:

yall r gonna get caught

y is evry1 posting stuf like this? police and the other authorities read this stuf all the time! if they read this stuf, u will all get caught! they will suspect sumthing and will keep a watch over yall and if not a watch, they will track u down and find u. u will RUN, but u WONT BE ABLE 2 HIDE!!! i rest my case

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