Fired For Explaining How File Sharing Can Be Legal And Good?

from the ah,-the-over-reaction-of-the-copyright-cartel dept

It’s sometimes a little scary the way the recording industry can overreact to things — often having the opposite consequences of what they intended. The latest miscue, as pointed out by Boing Boing, involves the Spanish Recording Industry Association putting pressure on the Dean of a Spanish University to force the resignation of a lecturer who gave a talk on the legal uses of file sharing networks. Of course, now this story is getting picked up widely, and suddenly a lot more than the 150 people who witnessed the actual talk in a cafeteria (after the Dean had the lecturer’s previous two venues taken away) will learn about this. On top of all of this, the Dean is now trying to deny that the guy taught there, and the school has even asked that he remove any links from his site to the school. Yeah, that’ll work.

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Comments on “Fired For Explaining How File Sharing Can Be Legal And Good?”

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aaron (profile) says:

No Subject Given

it’s azazing how many people are getting behind mr. cortell. i’m pleased to see people taking action on this. his personal site which details a lot of what ‘s going on is you can also find a recording of his lecture at

jack says:

Re: Jorge Cortell is a fraud

Jorge Cortell has been totally discredited in Spain after spanish bloggers found out that his entire CV is fake. He does not even have a bachelor’s degree, let alone a doctorate. Use Babelfish to translate.

Anonymous Coward says:

Another chaper in "How to Quit Your Job and Win" h

You know, for someone with what could have best been considered a “stalled career” (not even an associate professor), I believe this guy has been able to leverage a mediocre topic barely worthy of mention in the classroom setting (I bet he didn’t even go into the mathmatics involved) into a political firestorm sure to get him hired elsewhere.

…bravo! (golf clap)

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

This Jorge Cortell guy has been totally discredited in Spain after spanish bloggers found out that his entire CV is fake. He doesn?t even have a bachelor?s degree.<br><br><br><br><br><br>Here is a collection of spanish websites on him. Basically everything since May 22 has been saying that he is a fraud.<br><br>

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