How The Crackdown On Indecency May Give Podcasting A Business Model

from the it's-a-start dept

While it’s questionable how many upstart podcasts are going to find a business model via advertising (and, of course, not all podcasts are looking to make money…), it appears they have one thing going for them: the fact that they’re outside the jurisdiction of the FCC. While that’s true of things like satellite radio as well (just ask Howard Stern), there’s already an effort underway to regulate satellite radio as well. However, regulators are still a long way from regulating the contributions that anyone can make via their home computer to the audio world (and, you’d have to think there would be quite the First Amendment lawsuit should they ever get that far). That leads to the situation that Jeremiah submits here when he notes that condom maker Durex has decided to advertise in podcasts because they can avoid FCC decency rules. Oh right… limiting one medium just gives incentive for advertisers to move to a different one. Funny how that works.

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