From MVNOs To BVNOs?

from the who-needs-a-network-any-more? dept

Apparently owning the actual network is for suckers these days. Not only do we have just about every company that has some sort of recognizable brand trying to become a mobile operator by partnering with a carrier and becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), but it appears the concept is getting more traction in other areas as well. Last year, it suddenly became popular for random file sharing applications to start offering their own VoIP solutions under their own brand, but using someone else’s network. I guess this is a VVNO. Om Malik is now pointing out that some UK sports teams are now looking to offer their own broadband service, again using someone else’s network, and their own brand. Call it a BVNO, for broadband virtual network operator. Of course, maybe this isn’t all that new. David Bowie started offering ISP service under his own name (including his very own online bank) many, many years ago… What’s still not clear, though, is how many people really want to get service this way? Sure, there may be some big fans who want to get broadband service from their favorite team, but wouldn’t they prefer (even more) to just have broadband service from a company that specializes in that and still getting the other content extras over that regular internet connection?

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