Broadband Via Gas Lines?

from the believe-it-when-we're-surfing-it dept

More choices for broadband are always a good thing, but too many new companies come out with claims of a new broadband system, without any proof that it works in real life. We’ve seen this repeatedly with broadband over powerlines, which at least reaches the trial stage before it is usually shut down. There’s also the ever popular broadband by blimp/stratellite/high altitude platform/bird/plane/superman option. The folks behind the “stratellite” are particularly adept at making some announcement every few months and getting a ton of press out of it — even though there’s no proof that the system will actually work, and if it works whether it will be reliable, and if it’s reliable whether the latency will be a show stopper. The latest broadband choice to materialize out of nowhere is apparently broadband over gas lines which is receiving a fair amount of well-deserved skepticism. As with the other “new” broadband solutions, we’ll reserve final judgment until we’re actually surfing the web with it.

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Comments on “Broadband Via Gas Lines?”

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srjones (user link) says:

Gas Line Broadband

This is the same “next new thing” I heard about in 1999. A CEO I was working with could hardly contain himself about getting in on the ground floor of this phenomenal company that was going to sell broadband over its gaslines. The up-and-coming energy company was (you guessed it) Enron.

The main problems with pipeline broadband are that 1) gas companies don’t fundamentally grasp selling intangibles like bandwidth 2)They walk right into entrenched competition with telcos and cable TV providers. And 3) There’s still the “last mile” problem.

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