Techdirt 25,000! We're Having A Party…

from the that's-a-lot-of-posts... dept

In looking over some of our data, we realized that we just hit our 25,000th post on Techdirt’s public sites over the past six years. 25,000 is an awful lot of posts, so we figured it was worth having a bit of a celebration. If you’re in the San Francisco area, please come out and join the Techdirt staff for an informal happy hour at the Cigar Bar in San Francisco next Wednesday, May 18th at 6pm. Other details on the Evite. This is actually our second such informal happy hour, but the first in many years. For the story of how we hijacked someone else’s party last time around, click through and read the full story after the jump. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the same thing will happen this time… Either way, it will be a fun time with good people, so come on out and join us.

How we hijacked someone else's dot com bubble party in 1999.

During the boom years, it seemed like everyone was having parties of some sort in the Bay Area, so we figured we could do the same thing with Techdirt. Of course, instead of planning a big expensive party throwing away venture capitalists' money, we just told a lot of people to show up at a bar on a certain day. We didn't even let the bar know we were coming. A few days before the event, one of the Techdirt crew told me he had just received an Evite for a corporate event at the same place... at the same time.

We called up the bar, and it turns out that they had reserved the entire bar for this private party... and we already had about 200 people signed up to go. We quickly called up the person throwing the other party, and told her that it would be good marketing for them if we added our crew to her party. Since it was a marketing event, she agreed.

What we didn't know was that the company had splurged on an open bar and a ton of delicious food for everyone. While all of that was paid for by this random tech company, many people attending assumed that we had paid for it all -- making it nearly impossible for us to hold another happy hour for many years, as people would expect us to splurge on a huge, expensive spread for everyone.

Of course, the bubble burst, the parties went away, and most people forgot about our wonderful party. So, this time around, we're also not splurging on an open bar or a huge buffet, and it seems unlikely that we'll luck into another party to hijack. However, we can promise you plenty of good company and what should be a fun time for all. Please come out and join us.

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Comments on “Techdirt 25,000! We're Having A Party…”

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dorpus says:

Not like 2ch, though

At, there are a good 25,000 articles per day, since anyone can post a news article, and anyone can comment on it.

American sites seem to be so afraid of such interactivity, though. It’s usually in the format of some egoist who posts his opinions, to which readers may or may not be able to respond.

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