It Pays To Be A Sucky Spammer When You Get Sued

from the if-I-were-a-rich-con dept

While the state of Massachusetts is busy suing a highly successful spam ring, we hear from the Spam Kings Blog that the FTC has settled suits against spammers who couldn’t pony up the damages. Defendants in the former case were part of a sophisticated network that funneled millions of dollars into their efforts, but no word on whether Massachusetts AG Tom Reilly will file criminal charges. Meanwhile, the failed junk mailers sued by the FTC merely got an order to stop spamming people (duh) and didn’t have to pay because they were broke. They sold magnets that purportedly boost fuel efficiency — we’re not surprised they’re broke. Still, they shouldn’t be let off so easy, especially considering all the other things we could do to them. Once again, we renew our call for a wholly more satisfying and productive punishment for convicted spammers (in addition to jail time and monetary damages): community service. Force them to help authorities find spammers. Enlist them in anti-spam efforts. Put them in orange jumpsuits, trot them out in public, and make them delete spam from other people’s in-boxes all day long. Whether they can afford monetary damages or not, at least we’ll enjoy their punishment.

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