Gearing Up To Fight Real ID… After The Fact

from the so-maybe-it-works-out-in-the-end... dept

Now that the Real ID Act passed without any debate at all, thanks to be linked to an appropriations bill that no politician would vote against, it seems that a lot of groups are finally coming out against it, and suggesting that there will be legal challenges to the Act. So, in the end, it may not get enacted — but wouldn’t it just have been a lot easier to have offered up the bill separately, and allowed a real debate to happen over it? Of course, that’s not how politicians work.

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Comments on “Gearing Up To Fight Real ID… After The Fact”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Reminds me of the Simpsons

There was an episode where Springfield was about to be hit by a meteor and Congress tried to enact a bill to provide government support to rescue the town. As it was about to go up for vote, someone tacked on a rider to do something crazy like legalize child pornography (or something similarly vile) and suddenly the entire Congress voted against the bill.

It would be nice if someone in Congress or the Senate could keep such a horrible rider handy to tack onto bills that ordinarily noone wants to vote against for just such an occassion.

It would be nicer if they would disallow riders that don’t directly relate to the topic of the original bill and/or bring back the Line Item Veto ability so such riders could be stricken before being passed into law.

With all the recent news about young children being killed and/or assaulted, how much longer until a bill is sent around seeking to increase penalties for crimes against children, and while they’re at it, tack on anti-gun riders, anti-liberty ammendments, etc. After all, noone wants to vote against helping children, right?

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