Some Newspapers Jumping On The Craigslist Bandwagon

from the moving-forward dept

While some newspaper folks still don’t know about Craigslist that’s certainly not true of all of them. The Tribune Company, fresh off buying a piece of is expanding their free web classified service, Recycler. Even more interesting is that Recycler doesn’t just search ads on its own site, but also aggregates deals from other sites — including Craigslist. This seems like a smart move on the Tribune’s part to combat losing classified traffic to sites like Craigslist by building something even more inclusive, that can also drive ad traffic and additional traffic back to Tribune news sites.

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Comments on “Some Newspapers Jumping On The Craigslist Bandwagon”

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dorpus says:

Why assume it's growing?

Craigslist seems more interested in launching new city sites than in increasing popularity in existing cities. The Detroit and Tokyo versions of craigslist have less traffic than last year — they are largely useless. Craigslist has way too many freaks and scammers on it. Both cities have way better sites that serve the same purpose.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Why assume it's growing?

I see a spike at the beginning of the year, and then falling off afterwards. Is the increasing trend really due to more attendance, or just more web crawler bots scouring it? It does not list popularity by city either — while it is popular in a few places like SF or NY, I suspect many cities have declining popularity.

CL Freak says:

Re: Why assume it's growing?

Dorpus is certainly an authority on freaks, but he doesn’t understand the purpose of CL. The users themselves determine each city’s “growth.” Growth is not the purpose of CL; providing a service is. Here is one CL “freak” who has located a good (well paying) job, a fantastic residence at a ridiculously low price, and sold several items – all through CL (in various cities). Thanks CL, for providing the opportunity of your list to thrive (or not) on it’s own in each city, and not be concerned about the usual corporate drivel (growth). To the freak Dorpus: Do you know anything about anything? (May God help your patients, because I doubt you will.)

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Why assume it's growing?

I’ve used CL before for the sorts of things you describe, but it still does not change the fact that it is not popular in many communities. For other communities, there are other sites that serve the same purpose, and are better moderated.

Let me know when your granny needs surgery, I’ll be happy to inject her with a horse syringe.

Seun Osewa (user link) says:

Re: Re: Copyright Enforcement

Can’t the owners of Craigslist amend their terms to prevent third party sites like from stealing their content? They may then choose to license recycler to display their ads in exchange for a hefty fee.

Sounds like something the founders of craigslist definitely need to consider! Without the traffic the site gets, Craigslist won’t be so useful.

JimmyK_1983392 says:

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