Enterprise Mobile Data Heads To The Factory

from the changing-times dept

When people talk about enterprise mobile data systems, they usually are talking about office workers using mobile devices to access email or various corporate information systems. However, a new study shows that (at least in the UK), more blue collar workers are using mobile data on the job, suggesting that some of the various mobile data systems may need different capabilities than what’s being designed today. Of course, it’s a bit strange that mobile data offerings didn’t originally take off outside of the office — as it would seem more appropriate there. Blue collar jobs (pretty much by definition) don’t involve sitting at a desk all day, so a mobile terminal of some sorts makes a lot more sense than for the office worker who has easy access to data from his or her desk. The problem, probably, was that those white collar workers didn’t quite understand the benefits for blue collar workers until they had some experience with mobile data themselves.

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