WiMax Gives Hope To BitTorrent Users?

from the can't-hurt-to-dream dept

It sounds like a stretch to say that the biggest beneficiaries of WiMax will be BitTorrent users, as the latest Cringely column suggests. It is a stretch, if only for all the dependencies. Follow the logic: WiMax helps create a flourishing broadband market with cheaper prices and greater speed; movie studios connect directly to consumers more economically through BitTorrent broadband connections, bypassing networks and cable companies; and ISPs follow along by figuring out how to localize BitTorrent traffic and keep their networks from bogging down. However, several factors must fall in line for this scenario to happen: 1) WiMax must live up to the hype, which is unlikely since it’s not even designed to do half the things people seem to be promising it will do; 2) the entertainment industry must accept and embrace BitTorrent technology, which doesn’t seem likely (yeah, stop laughing); and 3) BitTorrent must survive the all-out attack on its existence, which keeps on coming. It certainly sounds like a nice plan, if only it were even remotely possible.

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