Supreme Court Justices Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use The Internet?

from the outrageous! dept

A few months ago, we noted that the court system was going to have to recognize sooner or later that, in the age of Google, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to keep juries from doing their own research about any particular case. There are, clearly, both pros and cons to this — but it’s something that’s going to need to be addressed in some fashion at some point. However, who knew that the issue would move so quickly up from juries to Supreme Court Justices? In the case of juries, you can make the claim that they’re not legally sophisticated enough to go through all of the information they find — but a Supreme Court Justice doing additional research on the internet certainly seems like a reasonable move. Apparently not. While some of these statements can likely be attributed to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay trying to get some attention taken off various other headlines that involve him these days, it still seems a bit odd for him to claim it’s “outrageous” that a Supreme Court Justice uses the internet for research. The internet is a great research tool. Should we deny it to those who make the final call on the laws of this land?

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