Internet Killed The Catalog Star

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Catalogs are dead! Long live the catalog! A recent study reports that the growth in online shopping coincides closely with a decline in catalog shopping. Online shopping satisfies many of the same needs catalog shopping addresses, and does so in a more efficient, better way. The decline of catalog shopping is not surprising; the nature of catalog retail is changing. After finding that a single channel retail strategy is limiting, traditional catalog retailers are moving online, brick-and-mortar retailers are integrating their offline business tightly with their online, and web-only merchants are dabbling in catalog. Today’s consumers expect to be able to leaf through a catalog, go touch and feel the goods at the store, and then go home and order online — retailers are beginning to understand this fact, which is a good thing.

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Comments on “Internet Killed The Catalog Star”

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1 Comment
Lilli (user link) says:

Catalog Shopping

Shopping on the Internet is also less messy. I used to get catalogs almost every day, and the Christmas Holiday season was unreal. Most of them went in the trash, or they were lying around the house. Now the catalogs have slowed to a crawl.
Shopping online gives a better selection, better photos (most of the time) and it is so easy.
I can even put item ‘to the side’ and come back later and buy them.
Hello Internet shopping
Good-by (?) catalogs

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