Why Spend $10,000 When All You Need Is A Library Card

from the this-bounty-hunter-is-my-kind-of-scum:-fearless-and-inventive dept

In preparation for the 40th anniversary of the publishing of Moore’s Law next week, Intel offered a $10,000 bounty to anyone that could come up with a pristine copy of the April 1965 issue of Electronics magazine. This hunt caused quite a PR buzz this week (definitely enough to warrant the $10,000 reward). It turns out that Intel didn’t check the most obvious place to find an old magazine: the library. Well, a few unscrupulous bounty hunters did check and now some librarians are not so happy with Intel since some issues of the magazine have now gone missing. The librarians are responding with their own treasure hunt, they’ll lend you a magazine (for about 2 weeks) to anyone who walks in with a vaild library card.

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