More Video Games Designed To Help The Children

from the just-think-of-the-children dept

Whatever happened to the days when video games were the root of all evil to be purged from polite society? It seems like the video games are fighting back and trying to come across as being… well… wholesome. First we had video games to make kids thin (and help save on health insurance), then there were video games to teach kids about world hunger, and now comes a game designed to teach kids about how dangerous that big internet really is. Using George Jetson (George Jetson?!?) and other pop-culture characters (um, from what decade?), apparently the game is designed to teach these kids how to “identify spam, delete viruses and identify suspicious people in chat rooms.” While these are definitely important lessons for kids to learn, you have to wonder how much this game is actually going to help. This sounds like the type of idea that an adult thinks a kid will like, but the kids will wonder what those adults are thinking… and go right back to writing their own viruses and sending out spam to enhance their allowance money.

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