Taking Suicide Info Offline Could Increase Suicides

from the thinking-it-through dept

It seems to happen often enough that knee-jerk reactions that involving banning things tends to have the opposite effect of what those calling for the ban expect. The latest suggested example of this, is that some are predicting that a ban in posting suicide information online in Australia could actually increase the number of suicides — since those contemplating suicide would have no place to turn, would feel more isolated, and might end up doing something more rash. While people get upset about suicide info online, someone who is seriously contemplating suicide isn’t going to not do it just because he or she can’t find information online about how to do it. If anything, some point out that in reading information about suicide, it gives people a chance to reflect and reconsider their decision.

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Comments on “Taking Suicide Info Offline Could Increase Suicides”

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dorpus says:

What about group suicides?

There are reports of group suicides every week in Japan — a group of strangers would be found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning inside a car, after they met up on the internet. The phenomenon definitely did not happen before the internet. The suicide forums create a peer pressure culture where “cool” people are going to die next week.

thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

I think the ones FOR banning tend to be afraid of the “anonymous” net idiots who would actively encourage a troubled person to suicide.

I’m not for banning anything either, but you gotta admit the moron/troll factor is high on the net (I mean look at dorpus, who, while he isn’t a moron, IS a troll)…

The fear being that someone contemplating suicide WILL turn to an online forum and instead of getting the help they need, they’ll get a chorus of “its your life…end it if you want” and “you’re right, you’re a LOSER, END IT NOW” and will end up doing it.

AstralProjectee says:

Terrible idea.

We don’t need this kind of restriction on something like how to obtain a good peaceful exit from life if needed. I am against emotional suicides, but there is a valid need for suicides sometimes. Even medical doctors do it quite often. Lucky for them they can write themselves out a prescription for some sort of barb…….. Well I am not going to say.


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